Model UltraTrace 3000

Percent / Trace Oxygen Analyzer​​​​


With a disposable, maintenance free, individually qualified, reliable and field proven Micro-fuel Cell at the heart of the  analysis, the UltraTrace 3000 offers the best value among all classes of trace oxygen analyzers available. The Micro-fuel Cell has been uniquely packaged to monitor ultra trace oxygen down to the single digit ppb  levels.


This unit’s small size makes it an ideal choice for qualifying the integrity of welds and connections made on gas distribution piping runs within a semiconductor wafer fabrication facility. The encapsulating design eliminates concerns operators may have in losing electrolyte when moving the cart. It also offers Teledyne Remote Access  Control Software (TRACS). This allows control and monitoring of the instrument across phone lines.

Thermoelectric Cooling

The secret to achieving this level of performance from such a cost-effective sensor lies within the thermoelectric cooling of the sensor. This maximizes the offset-to-noise ratio and prevents the acceleration of temperature dependent, parasitic electrochemical reactions within the cell. The heart of the analyzer is the Micro-fuel Cell which is specifically designed and parametrically tested to assure repeatable and accurate measurement s in the single digit, ppb range. The cell is specific to oxygen and can be used in a variety of gases including hydrocarbons.


The analyzer executes accurate analysis in three dynamic, user-configurable ranges and can be calibrated in any range. The instrument is linear on all three scales, eliminating the need to recalibrate while switching between ranges. When used in a manufacturing process, it assures product quality demanded by the end user.

Contamination Prevention

The sample system has been constructed using techniques and components that meet the quality requirements for high purity gas monitoring in the semiconductor industry. The system integrity is ensured by helium leak testing to 10-9 atm cc/sec.

Additional Advantages

  • ​PPB level resolution and accuracy

  • Programmable ranges and signal averaging

  • Linearity of analysis across three user-selectable ranges

  • Remote access to auto span and auto zero functions

  • Auto-ranging to follow process upsets

  • Maintenance-free sensor

  • Optional Auto-calibration Module​


  • Three user-selectable ranges as low as 0-10 ppb plus cal range

  • Default ranges: 0-250 ppb, 0-1 ppm, 0-10 ppm, 0-100 ppm O2

  • Thermo-electrically cooled sensor housing providing improved stabilization

  • Class B-2CXL Micro-fuel Cell sensor

  • 0-1 VDC signal and range ID output

  • Isolated 4-20 mADC signal and range ID output

  • Programmable auto ranging

  • Range ID contacts (Quantity 4) Form A normally open contacts

  • Two fully adjustable oxygen concentration alarm set points with programmable relay function Form C contacts, 3A resistive

  • ​Programmable auto calibration capability with mode ID Form A normally open contacts (auto-cal valving​ optional)

  • Self-diagnostics with Form C failure alarm contacts

  • Full duplex RS-232 communication link

  • Five digit oxygen concentration LED display

  • Backlit 2x20 line vacuum fluorescent display for setup and diagnostics

  • Sample flow indicator and control valve

  • Universal power supply 85-230 VAC 47-63 Hz

  • Operating temperature of 15-35° C

  • Nylon cell block​



​Default:           0-250 ppb, 0-1 ppm, 0-10 ppm O2
Fixed Over:     0-1000 ppm O2


​± 5 ppb O2


​0.5% of FS at 250 ppb FS (1.25 ppb)

​Response Time

​90% of FS at 77°F (25°C)
PPB range-programmable from 2 minutes to 1 hour
< 30 seconds for 0-10 ppm or higher ranges
< 50 seconds for 0-1 ppm range


​59° to 95°F (15° to 35°C)

​Signal Output

​0-1 VDC percent of range
4-20 mADC isolated percent of range


​Analysis Display:            5 digit red LED, 3/5" high numerals
Menu Display:                20 character, 2 line vacuum fluorescent
Digital Input/Output:    Bi-directional RS-232C serial interface
                                         (MODBUS RTU optional, contact factory)


​Universal AC input ranges 85 to 250 VAC, 47-63 Hz

​Inlet Pressure

​Minimum 1 psig


​Case:                 8.7"W x 7.1"H x 12.7"D
                          (22.1 x 18.0 x 32.26 cm)
Front Panel:    10.79"W x 7.46"H
                          (27.4 x 18.9 cm)



​File Size​

Model UltraTrace 3000 Brochure​