Model FCA-330​​​

Free Chlorine Analyzer​​​​​​​


The FCA-330 is a panel mounted, ready to use Free Chlorine Analyzer. It is designed to monitor free chlorine in drinking water, rinse water, cooling water or other fresh water samples from 0.05-20 ppm Cl2. It features a plug and play design that incorporates a flow control device, a pH sensor, a chlorine sensor and the LXT-220 analyzer/controller conveniently mounted on a PVC panel. 

Free Chlorine Sensor

Free Chlorine exists in solution as a pH dependent ratio of hypochlorous acid (~100% at pH 5) and hypochlorite ion (~100% at pH 10). The Free Chlorine Sensor measures only the hypochlorous acid component of the free chlorine and the analyzer calculates the balance using either the measured pH or a user defined fixed value. The use of the pH sensor provides accurate compensation for samples between pH 6 and pH 9.5 and eliminates the need for an expensive sample conditioning system to control the pH of the solution. The LXT-220 allows either parameter to be graphically display with user ranges allowing easy trend analysis.

Amperometric Chlorine Sensor

Amperometric Chlorine Sensors are flow sensitive, the minimum required flow by the sensor is 0.5 ft/sec, above this value the output is virtually flow independent. A “Constant head” Flow control Device (CFD) maintains the optimum flow by the sensor over a wide range of incoming sample flow rates. The minimum flow required for the CFD is 10 gal/hr and the maximum flow is 80 gal/hr with the sample going to drain at atmospheric pressure.​


  • Reagent-free technology uses polarographic Cl- ion sensor to detect free chlorine

  • pH sensor to compensate for chlorine ions not detected at higher pH levels (up to pH 10)

  • Ranges: 0.05 to 20 ppm free chlorine (optional 0.01 to 5 ppm available), 0-14 pH

  • Constant head-flow control device (CFD) maintains optimum sensor flow over a wide range of incoming sample flow rates

  • Electronics, sensor(s) and accompanying hardware mounted to PVC plate for wall-mounting (optional mounting configuration available - see price-adder options)

  • Electronics: weatherproof NEMA 4X 1/2 DIN form factor

  • 4-20 mA output card for total chlorine

  • Card slots available for additional 4-20 mA outputs, relay contacts and other modules available

  • Backlit LCD provides easy-to-read data and ability to show any resident parameters, inputs, outputs controls or temperature

  • Power: 110 VAC or 220 VAC @ 50/60 Hz or 24 VDC


​Sensor and Flow Train​​


​Polarographic, Gold/Silver, PTFE membrane


​Chlorine:      0.05 to 20 ppm
pH:                0 to 14 pH


32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)​


38 L/hr to 300 L/hr
(10 gal/hr to 80 gal/hr)​

​Wetted Materials

​PVC, PP, PVDF, PTFE, Glass, 316 SS

​Process Connections

​Input 1/4" barb fitting, drain 3/4" barb fitting

​Response Time

​T90 in approximately 2 minutes

​Electrolyte Life

​Up to 12 months


​pH Compensation

Chlorine:              0.05 to 20 ppm
pH:                        0 to 14 pH
Temperature:      32° to 212°F (0° to 100°C)


​pH 5-10


​2.5" x 1.75" back-lit LCD, 4 lines for Text and Graphical


​NEMA 4X, 5.7"L x 5.7"W x 7"D


​4-20 mA, 800 ohm at 24 VDC
Optional PID output and additional 4-20 mA outputs

​Input Power

​110 / 220 VAC at 50/60 Hz
Optional 24 VDC (12 to 50 VDC) at 0.25A

​​Alarm Relay Rati​ngs

​(2) SPDT 230 VAC / 5A or 30 VDC / 5A resistive max
Optionally up to (8) relays



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