Model LXT-330N

Nitrates Analyzer​​​​


The Model LXT-330 Transmitter is a single or dual channel, universal, multi-parameter transmitter designed for the continuous online measurement of pH, ORP, pION, conductivity​, resistivity, turbidity, chlorine dioxide (ClO2) or dissolved oxygen in a general purpose industrial environment. The LXT-330 uses the SP-3X series of sensors, which cover a wide range of analytical applications. The same LXT-330 unit can be used for any of the measurements, i.e. plug a conductivity sensor into the LXT-330 pH transmitter and it will automatically reconfigure into a conductivity transmitter.

Sensor’s Main Memory

The sensor type, identity, serial number and  calibration registers are stored in the sensors main memory, facilitated by two way digital communication between the sensors and the transmitter. A converter option is available to allow the use of non-digital sensors. The LXT-330 allows for single or dual sensors per transmitter.

Three Graphic Styles

The LXT-330 features a large, easily viewed LCD display with switchable screens including the main numeric screens, graphical screens showing a trending chart in a selectable format and diagnostic data for trouble shooting. The three graphical styles that are available are Trend Line, Bar Graph or Gauge. Menu navigation is accomplished using membrane switch buttons with soft keys displaying the function associated with the button. Pressing any of the buttons twice within 2 seconds activates the soft key function menus. The primary menu selections are the Calibration, Configuration, Info and Simulate Menus.

Loop-Powered vs Line-Powered

The Model LXT-330 transmitter is available as a loop-powered transmitter (standard), or an optional 24 VDC or 100/250 VAC powered transmitter. Loop-powered instruments have black lettering on a grey background, while non-loop powered instruments have blue lettering on a white background when the LED back-light is on. The loop-powered transmitter has a 4- 20 mA output or an optional HART® output. The line powered instruments have a 4-20 mA output and MODBUS TRU or HART® and can be ordered with a (3) alarm relay option. The relays can be configured as Alarm (set point) relays or Fault relays.​

Specific Ion (pION) Electrode Cartridges


​Measurement Range

​pH Range

​Temperature Range


​0.1 - 1,000 ppm

​​2 - 12 pH

32° - 104° (​0° - 40°C)


  • Weatherproof NEMA-4X ½ DIN form factor allows for panel, wall, handrail, or pipe mounting

  • Re-buildable probes create cost savings with only electrode cartridges requiring replacement

  • Capable of monitoring two sensor inputs

  • User-settable input and output parameters

  • ​4-20mA Modbus RTU or Optional HART 7 Protocol

  • Luminescent LCD Display with easy to view numerical and graphical display

  • Variety of Mounting Options: Universal Mounting Bracket, Panel Mounting, Handrail mount, Sun-Shield

  • Compatible with SP3 Intelligent sensor - Automatic Sensor recognition.

  • Available Measurements: pH, Oxidation/Reduction Potential (ORP), Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Conductivity (CD), Toroidal Conductivity (CDT), Resistivity (RS), and Specific Ions (PION)

  • Power: 24 VDC Loop Powered (Available also in 110/220VAC configuration)​


Transmitter Type

​General Purpose


Dissolved Oxygen:
Chlorine Dioxide:

​-1 - 15 pH
-1500 - +150 mV
000.1 - 999.9
ppb, ppm, ppt; Auto Ranging
000.1 - 999.9
ppb, ppm, %SAT, mg/L; Auto Ranging
0.055 µS - 2 S
µS. mS, S; Auto Ranging
0.001 - 20 mega-ohms
0 - 4,000 NTU
NTU, FNU, mg/L, ppm, % Solids; Auto Ranging
3 K-ohm TC, -22° to 284°F (-30° to 140°C)
0.01 - 20 ppm


​128 x 64 pixels (2.75" x 1.5") LCD
Black/Grey background on loop-powered instruments
Blue/White background LED back-light on 100-250 VAC and 24 VDC powered instruments



​-4° to 158°F (-20° to 70°C)
-22° to 185°F (-30° to 85°C)


Dissolved Oxygen:

​0.02 pH
± 1 mV
Specific for ion type
0.1% full scale
0.1% full scale
0.1% full scale
2% of reading
± 32.54°F (± 0.3°C)




​4-20 mA output (fault condition 3.5 mA, 22 mA or 0 mA
MODBUS RTU (non loop-powered only)
HART® communications
Alarm relays (3) SPDT, Form 1C, 250 VAC, 3 Amp resistive max relays, user configurable as Hi/Lo or Fault alarms



​Loop-powered, 24 VDC (18-36 VDC), 600 Ω maximum load
24 VDC (18-36 VDC) power, 250 mW power
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 4 watts power


Beige Polycarbonate, NEMA-4X, weatherproof, 1/2 DIN
5.7"L x 5.7"W x 3.5"D (14.4 x 14.4 x 9.0 cm)
1.6 lbs​ (0.75 kg)


​​​File Size
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​​LXT-330 Series Certificate

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