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Series 6700

Which method of TOC analysis should I use?
Applications UV/Heated Persulfate Heated Persulfate Ultra-Pure Combustion Ozone / Hydroxyl Radical TOC / TN Combo
Ultra-pure Water Excellent TOC accuracy from low parts-per-billion to high concentrations of salt-free samples with minimum maintenance Fully automatic benchtop version Good TOC accuracy in low parts-per-billion / parts-per-million of sale-free and less complex samples with minimum maintenance      
Cleaning Validation
Food & Beverage  
Power Generation
Boiler Feed
Cooling Water
Ground Water   Difficult to oxidize or high concentration sample requiring good accuracy of analysis or in industrial salts less than 1% Excellent low to high levels of TOC analysis for difficult to oxidize samples or in undiluted acids or industrial sales over 26% with low maintenance.
Drinking Water As above  
Waste Water   As above Semi-automatic TOC Benchtop stand alone
Process Water
Sea Water / Salts    

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