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Coal Bed Methane Oxygen Analyzers


In recent years there has been a great demand by producers, processors, and distributors of natural gas to measure oxygen in natural gas produced from the coal bed deposits of North America.

The importance of oxygen measurement includes contamination control, product validation, and safety.

Teledyne is the acknowledged market leader for providing analysis systems to this market. The benefits of choosing a Teledyne system for this application are plentiful:

  • Teledyne has more field installations than any other manufacturer of similar systems

  • Teledyne is the only manufacturer of such analysis systems to have a field proven sensor, the A-2C, for natural gas streams. This sensor is produced in our ISO 9001 certified factory, providing the highest quality and reliability of this key component.

  • Despite the claims of other manufacturers, only Teledyne is able to provide a third party, NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) approved system for Class 1, Div 1. (Visit our certification page for confirmation). Moreover, some manufacturers simply use approved junction boxes for alarm connections which does not equate validation by an authorized third party testing lab for demanding Class 1, Div 1 service.

  • Teledyne analyzers are available in a variety of configurations, and in many cases are custom engineered at no extra charge to minimize integration issues. Our experienced Engineering team is dedicated to excellence.

  • Finally, consider the Teledyne Advantage which is our superior customer service and support. A defective analyzer can cost thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Teledyne's customer service department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Teledyne has more field installations than any other manufacturer of similar systems


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