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Coal Bed Methane Oxygen Analyzers

The Oxygen Problem

According to industry professionals -
  • Oxygen at higher levels (1000 ppm or above) would pose a severe explosion hazard at the wellhead.

  • Even at 100 ppm levels, oxygen can pose significant corrosion threats to the pipeline. With long distances of the pipeline buried underground, corrosion may cause gas leaks and contamination threats.

  • On a commercial note, the value of the natural gas drops significantly if the sales gas has more than 50 ppm of oxygen.
Oxygen Monitoring System Requirements

A power line may not always be available. Solar power is the main source with panels normally supplied as part of the flow computer unit (FCU).

The analyzer may have to work at 12 VDC power or less.

Telemetry is the main source of signal back to the SCADA. The telemetry system is supplied as part of the FCU.

The analyzer should seamlessly integrate with the FCU in use. Signals should be unaffected during wireless transmission.

Field instruments are subjected to severe extremes in environmental conditions.

The system should endure the conditions of the great outdoors -- 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Special radios are used in the field for communication with the control staff.

The system should be unaffected by strong radio frequency interference.

Teledyne has considered all these important factors as well.

Teledyne's systems address all the parameters of your specific application


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