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Toluene Di-Isocyanate (TDI)
Methyl Diphenylene Isocyanate (MDI)

Chematur, BASF, Bayer
H2 section of plant
H2 purity feed Percent H2 90-100% CH4 2000 / 2020 (TCD)
H2 purity feed PPM CO 0-10 H2 7500Z (NDIR)
H2 in off gas Percent H2 50-100% N2 / CH4 2000 / 2020 (TCD)
COCL2 section of plant
H2 in CO Feed Gas Percent H2 0-1% CO 2000 / 2020 (TCD)
O2 in CO Feed Gas Percent O2 0-1% CO 3000PB
H2O in CO Feed Gas PPM H2O 0-1200 ppm CO 5000 (NIR)
CO Purity of CO in Feed Gas Percent CO 90-100% H2 / O2 / CO2 / N2 710 / 711 (suppressed range)
CO in COCL2 (after CO+CL2) Percent CO 0-30% COCL2 / HCL / CO2 7300 Series (NDIR)
CL2 in COCL2 (after CO+CL2) PPM CL2 0-1000 ppm COCL2 / HCL / CO2 Series 6000 (UV)
H2O in CL2 Feed Gas PPM H2O 0-1000 ppm CL2 (99.5%) 5000
TDI section of plant
COCL2 in Reaction Gas Percent COCL2 0-100% HCL / CO / CCL4 7300 Series (NDIR) - 3 sets
HCL in Reaction Gas Percent HCL 0-100% COCL2 / CO / CCL4 7300 (NDIR)
CCL4 in Reaction Gas Percent CCL4 0-15% COCL2 / HCL / CO 7300 (NDIR)
H2O in Reaction Gas PPM H2O 0-500 ppm COCL2 / HCL / CO 5000 (NIR)
NCO in recovered ODCB PPM NCO 0-1000 ppm ODCB (99.5%) 5000 (NIR)
COCL2 in stack vent gas PPM COCL2 0-1000 ppm Air Series 6000 (UV)
Ethylene Plant

ABB, M.W. Kellogg
Charge / Preheater Flue Gas Percent O2 0-5 / 0-10% N2 / CO / CO2 / H2Ov 9060 ZrO2 (5-10 sets)
PPM CO 0-100 ppm N2 / CO / CO2 / H2Ov 7500Z (NDIR) (5-10 sets)
H2S in Hydrocarbons PPM H2S 0-200 ppm Ethane Series 6000 (UV)
Percent O2 in mixed and exhaust air Percent O2 0-5% N2 Series 3000P
Ethylene product PPM O2 0-1 ppm Ethylene Series 3000TA-XL
H2 Purification Unit (PSA unit) PPM CO / CH4 / CO2 0-10 ppm H2 7500Z (NDIR)
H2 Purification Unit (PSA unit) PPM O2 0-10 ppm H2 Series 3000
Ethane recycle Percent Ethylene C2H4 0-5% C2H6 - Ethane 7500Z (NDIR)
Propane recycle Percent Propylene C3H6 0-10% C3H8 - Propane 7500Z (NDIR)
Oil in boiler steam condensate PPM Oil 0-5 / 0-10 ppm Condensate Series 6600 (UV)
Polyethtlene (LLDPE)

Union carbide, UNIPOL Process
Ethylene feed, H2 feed, N2 feed, Butene / Hexene feed

(Analyzed before and after the De-Oxo purification units for each feed stream prior to being fed to reactor)
PPM O2 0 - 0.2 to 0-10 ppm C2H4, H2, N2 Series 3000 (4 to 6 sets)
Mastermix / Feed hopper vent Percent O2 0-10% N2 Series 3000 (2 sets)
Polyethtlene (LLDPE)

BP Chemical, Gas Phase Process
Prepolmerization Process Pts
Vent of N2 / solvent separator PPM O2 0-10 ppm N2 / HC Series 3000
Prepolymer to storage conveyor 0-10 / 0-1000 ppm
Prepolymer to reactor conveyor
Polymerization Process Pts
Primary degasser PPM O2 0-10 / 0-1000 ppm N2 / HC Series 3000
Filter vent in recovery loop
Fluidized bed gas compressors
Discharge of conveyor blower
MPN / HPN vent header 0-0.2 ppm 3000TA-XL (3 sets)
Air drying package outlet Percent O2 0-25% Air Series 3000P
Polyethtlene (LLDPE)

Phillips Petroleum
Catalyst activator PPM O2 0-100 / 0-1000 ppm N2 Series 3000T
Reactor settling leg PPM O2 0-100 ppm N2
N2 blower package PPM O2 0-1000 ppm N2 + H.C. vapor
Extruder Percent O2 0-20% N2 Series 3000P
Reactor (fluff from flash chamber) Precent LEL or Percent I-butane 0-100% LEL or 0-20% N2 177 or 7300 (NDIR)
Reactor - purge gas Percent LEL 0-100% LEL N2 177
Reactor - N2 line PPM HC 0-10 / 0-100 N2 4020 (X-purge)
Aromatics Charge heater, Naphtha splitter reboiler heater, product fractionator charge heater, etc. Percent O2 0-5% Flue gas 9060 (ZrO2) 7-14 sets
(extractive in-situ)
UOP Catalyst regeneration Percent O2 0-5% Flue gas 320P and sample system
BTX or Paraxylene Product separator Percent H2 50-100% CH4 + HC's 2020
Recycle gas
Life gas line / N2 header and surge hopper Percent HC - Percent H2 15% HC to 1% H2 N2, H2, HC
LP stream condensate PPM Oil 0-10 ppm Condensate Series 6600 (UV)

Stamicarbon, Zimmer
O2 in Cyclohexane vapor Percent O2 0-10% Cyclohexane / N2 Series 3000 (5 pts, 2 systems)
CO in Cyclohexane vapor Percent CO 0-8% Cyclohexane / N2 7500Z (Z-purged)
Nitrogen oxide feed line Percent NO 70-100% NO, N2, N2O 711 (NDIR)
Nitrogen oxide feed line Percent N2O 0-2% NO, N2, N2O 7500Z (Z-purged)
H2 Purity Percent H2 70-100% N2 (ppm CH4, CO) 2020
H2 Purity PPM CO 0-50 ppm H2 7500Z (Z-purged)
Feed gas / Off gas Percent H2 40-100% N2, N2O, NO 2020
Percent NO 0-40% N2, N2O, H2 7500Z (Z-purged)
Percent N2O 0-20% N2, NO, H2
O2 in off gas Percent O2 0-6% N2, CO + ppm HC Series 3000
O2 in and from off gas reactor Percent O2 0-6% N2, CO2, CO

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