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  • New Product Release: Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) Gas Analyzers

    Teledyne wishes to thank you for all your efforts and support in making 2018 a good year so far.

    TAMS (Teledyne Advanced Monitoring Solutions), a reporting business unit including Teledyne Analytical Instruments and Teledyne Monitor Labs, has embarked upon a goal to improve our organic product development. In the last few years, we have offered several new products in the market through private labeling arrangements and small organic development programs.

    Under our new leadership, TAMS wishes to strengthen its position in certain growth markets with more emphasis on organic development and in-house manufacturing. Accordingly, new products from TAMS will come strictly from organic development, technology licensing and/or acquisition. All these products will be built, tested and assembled in our factories of Colorado and California.

    As you may have seen from the agenda for the upcoming International Sales Meetings, we have many new products soon to be released which we are excited to discuss with you.

    Today, I would like to inform you of three new major products that are being launched for pipeline natural gas, flare gas, waste gas and refinery fuel gas applications.

    These products will be used to measure H2S, CO2 and Moisture using state of the art Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) technology. These products will be 100% built and tested at TAMS facilities in the USA. These products have undergone extensive testing at facilities in North America and  are ready to be marketed complete with IECEx​ and ATEX approvals (final approval testing is currently underway).


    The model numbers for these products will be:

    6020L for H2S
    6020L for CO2
    8800L for Moisture

    These products will be officially introduced into the markets on October 1, 2018. This announcement will be followed shortly by brochures, manuals, price sheets and hazardous areas approval certificates in the coming days.