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Series 5000 - Near Infrared Photometer

The Series 5000 Near Infrared Photometer utilizes a chopper stabilized single sample cell, dual wavelength design to continuously monitor water and organic compounds (in the liquid phase) that have distinct absorbance peaks within the NIR region of the light spectrum.

In addition to providing inherent stability, this design provides automatic compensation for the background components with an absorbance, which overlaps that of the component of interest.

The Series 5000 NIR is set apart from other commercially available NIR analyzers via its unique sample cell pre-heater design that ensures stable performance over a wide temperature range. The Model 5020 serves as the totally explosion proof version in the series for use in Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C & D environments.

Applications include: monitoring ppm or percent level detection of water in organics / solvents in petrocehmical plants (EDC / VCM, HOAC, MCB, etc.)


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