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CDQC Analysis System - Carbond Dioxide Quality Control System

Carbon dioxide is routinely used within the food and beverage industry for the purposes of preserving the quality of food products and the carbonization of beverages.

With the increasing demand for improvements in the purity of CO2, manufacturers of highly sensitive gas analyzers are being challenged to detect several contaminants in CO2 on a continuous basis. In response to this market demand, Teledyne has designed the Carbon Dioxide Quality Control (CDQC) System. The CDQC Analysis System provides manufacturers of high purity carbon dioxide with the ability to accurately detect desired impurities in a single, cost effective, integrated system.

Product Scope
The CDQC System can be designed with any combination of the following analyzers to ensure the CO2 used in a process meets industry standards:
  • Trace levels of Total Sulphides as SO2 via UV Fluorescence (0-50 ppb to 0-20 ppm)
  • Trace levels of Total Hydrocarbons via FID (0-1 ppm to 0-1000 ppm)
  • Trace levels of Moisture via Al2O3 sensor (-100°C to +20°C)
  • Trace levels of Oxygen via Micro-fuel Cell sensor (0-10 ppm to 0-1%)
  • CO2 Purity Analysis via NDIR (98-100%)
System Configuration
The analyzers can be mounted in either a NEMA-12 or NEMA-4/4X system enclosure with dual door access to facilitate analyzer / sample system adjustments. The system can be designed for either stationary installation or with casters allowing the system to be moved within the plant. If required, the system can be winterized allowing the system to be mounted in an outdoor environment.

By designing the CDQC System on a "plug and play" basis, the addition or subtraction of analyzers has little impact on the redesign cost of the system required for a particular application.

Sample System
The CDQC System also includes an integral sample handling system providing pressure regulation, individual flow control, and calibration valving for each analyzer. Any liquefied CO2 sample streams must be vaporized at the sample take-off point prior to being introduced to the CDQC system.

  • Single, integrated system design
  • “Plug and Play”, cost effective modular configuration
  • RS-232C serial interface capabilities
  • Integral sample conditioning system
  • Continuous analyzer performance - all units
  • Optional PLC to interface report generation devices for load reporting

Total Sulfides
Model 6200A Total Sulfides Analyzer utilizes the field-proven UV Fluorescence method to continuously detect total sulphides such as SO2 as low as 0-50 ppb full-scale. A quartz converter (PID controlled to 1000°C) converts the sulfides, when mixed with scrubbed ambient air, into SO2 via high temperature oxidation. An internal vacuum pump draws both the sample and ambient air into the converter module.

The 6200A can utilize either certified calibration gases in association with the PRC-6000 Calibration Module (for ppb H2S span gas generation) or a certified ppb H2S permeation tube with the IZS (internal zero / span valves) option.

Total Hydrocarbons
Model 402REU Trace Hydrocarbons Analyzer uses a Flame Ionization Detector (FID) to continuously detect as low as 0.1 ppm total hydrocarbons (methane equivalent basis) in CO2.

The 402REU incorporates a sample selector module to control the flow of the sample and support gases to ensure an accurate THC analysis.

Trace Moisture
Model 8800A, utilizing Hyper Thin Film (HTF)™ Al2O3 sensing technology, can detect the dewpoint of CO2 from –100°C to +20°C. The 8800A controller can be programmed to read on either a ppm or dewpoint basis. The HTF sensor provides the user with quicker response time, lower drift over a wide ambient temperature range, and a greater signal to noise ratio than conventional Al2O3 sensors. The uniformity in HTF manufactured sensors allows them to be freely interchanged without having to reprogram the controller when replacing sensors.

Trace Oxygen
Model 3190, utilizing the A-2C electrochemical Micro-fuel oxygen sensor, can detect O2 as low as 0.1 ppm. The A-2C sensor, utilizing a buffered electrolyte to contend with the CO2 sample gas, is a low cost, disposable, zero maintenance sensor requiring only span gas for accurate calibration.

CO2 Purity
The Model 7100 CO2 Purity Analyzer employs NDIR technology to continuously detect on a 98-100% suppressed range basis. The 7100 eliminates having to invest lab personnel time to periodically conduct grab sample analysis to determine the purity levels of the CO2 being produced.


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