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Custom Systems

Creating Custom Systems - Step by Step

STEP 5: System Leak Detection

After the System Integration Team has completed their scope, the integrity of the sample handling system is verified.

Many of the analysis systems sold by Teledyne are for trace ppb or ppm requirements. The leak-free integrity of the sample preconditioning system is critical to the overall performance of the system.

For these types of systems, Teledyne will utilize a helium leak detection system to qualify the tubing and fitting connections both internal and external to the analyzer(s) themselves.

STEP 6: Final Test & Inspection

After the System Integration Team has completed its scope and leak-checking requirements have been addressed, the qualification of the overall system falls into the hands of the Test & Calibration Department.

The T&C Department are responsible to qualify that the system, as a whole, will function to specified performance requirements. Individual test procedures are maintained for each analyzer manufactured by Teledyne.

The analyzers are thoroughly tested against these internal procedures. Stability chart recordings, zero and span calibration verification tests are conducted and maintained as part of the complete order documentation file.

Teledyne is flexible in terms of striving to meet any unusual inspection criteria that a customer may require. The quality system implemented by Teledyne is designed to meet ISO-9001, EN46001, 10CFR50 Appendix B, 21CFR Part 820 the Electrical Equipment Certification Service (EECS) QAS requirements, and to ensure products conform to specified requirements.

STEP 7: Customer Training

Teledyne will also provide interested customers with the opportunity to obtain factory training on any system we design. We normally provide this factory training at no charge to the user as it is our desire to ensure the operator(s) of Teledyne's system are well informed on the functionality of the system.

We also welcome the chance to use these training sessions to establish a closer relationship with our customers and to better understand their unique application requirements. Please keep this open invitation in mind when considering who'd you like to offer your system integration business to in the future.


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