Oil & Gas Natural Gas Applications

​Technical Papers
​Analytical Methods in Petroleum Upstream Applications
​Extended Natural Gas Application​
Transportable Fast Gas Chromatography for Pipeline Product Interface Detection and Flare Controls​

Application Notes
Extended Natural Gas
​HC Analysis of Upstream Condensate Samples
​Sulfur Components in Liquid Phase HC Samples
​Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons​

​Industry (Facility)
​Teledyne Model
​​​Tour our in-depth review​ of how Teledyne's systems address the measurement of oxygen in natural gas extracted from coal bed methane deposits.
​​​​​​LNG Production


​Overhead / Top outlet
​Percent H2
​0-3, 0-6%
​N2 / CO2, ppm H2S
2020 TCD
​Process Gas
​0-10 ppm
​Outlet to N2 header / purity
​0-10 ppm
​Top inlet / safeguard monitor
​PPM Hydrocarbons
​0-2 ppm 
​PPM HC in water
​0-10 ppm
​HC in condensate
​Wet gas flare header
​0-2,000 ppm
​C3 Hydrocarbons
​Thermal incinerator stack
​Percent O2
​15% O2
250 ppm SO2
​N2, CO, SO2, CO2
​9060Z ZrO2
6000 SO2
​​​​LNG Transmission

LNG Gathering Systems
​ ​ ​

​Dry gas production lines
​​​​PPM O2

​0-10 ppm 

3110(spot check for leaks)
​Field compressor section
​​​0-100 ppm

​OT-​3 (prevent explosions)
​Gas treatment facility
​3020T ​(unmonitored collection)
​Main receiving station
3020T (verifies gas treatment)
​Liquid extraction facility
​3020T (catalyst protection)
​Note: ​PPM CO2 analyzers (IR​-7000) can be applied at the same points as noted above for corrosion prevention purposes and to minimize carbonic acid formation.​ ​ ​ ​ ​
​Landfill gas power station
​Landfill gas feed to incinerator boiler
​Percent O2 & CH4
​0-5% O2
0-50% CH4
​CH4, CO2, O2
3020P​ / 7320 NDIR

Off Shore Oil Production

​​​Read Teledyne's informative application bulletin
UV versus IR Monitoring for PPM Oil-in-Water​
​Industry Facility
​Teledyne Model
​​Off-shore drilling platform

​Produced water

​0-100 ppm

​Rig Wash
​Water / Rain run