Other Applications​

​Technical Papers
Analysis of Chemical Markers in Adulterated Fuels using a Transportable Ultrafast Micro Gas Chromatograph
​Identifying Authentic and Fraudulent Diesel Fuel by Fast GC Using Chemometrics
​Roadside Ultrafast GC Analysis of Chemical Markers for Fuel Fraud and Enforcement Campaign in the UK and Ireland
Ultrafast Gas Chromatograph in Transportable and OnSite Applications​

​Application Notes
​BTEX in Ambient Air
Fermenter Off Gas
​Marker Analysis in Fuel
​Reactor Monitoring
SF6 Tracer
Total Non-Methane Hydrocarbons in Ambient Air
​Total Non-Methane HCs and Sulfur Compounds in Ambient Air​

​Industry (Facility)





​Teledyne Model

​Smelting Process

​Fuel, gas or coal fired reverberatory (2300F)

​Percent O2

​0-5% O2, 0-5% CH4eq

​N2, SO2, O2, H2O


​Primary furnace​

​Percent O2 and SO2

​0-5% O2, 0-10% SO2

​Dirty Conditions

6000 UV / Series 3000P

​​Combustion Efficiency

​Percent O2 monitored at several points to obtain complete profile of furnace

​Percent O2 and combustibles

​0-5% and 0-5% CH4eq

​N2, O2, HC, H2Ov

PEM-9004​ / 9060Z