Steel Applications

​Industry (Facility)





​Teledyne Model

​​​​​Please review air separation​ applications for air sep plants locat​ed on-site of a steel manufacturing facility.

​​Blast Furnace

Pig Iron Production

​​Upper portion of furnace / stack (Hot reducing atmosphere) aka - "Top Gas"
​ ​

​Percent CO & CO2


​N2, H2, O2, H2Ov

​7500Z (Dual bench)

​Percent H2


​N2, CO / CO2, H2Ov


​Percent O2

​0-2, 0-5%

Series 3000P

​​Basic oxygen furnace - BOF Top Blown Furnace

​​Oxidation of carbon in molten Pic Iron via addition of high purity O2 + steel making flux
Analysis point = duct above hood

​Percent CO & CO2


​​N2, H2, O2, H2Ov

7500Z (Dual bench)

​Percent H2



​Percent O2


​Series 3000PB

​Coke Oven for Benzene emissions control

​Coke plant storage tanks & coke oven gas before electrostatic precipitator

​Percent O2

(for Benzene emissions control)

​0-2, 0-10%

​Coke oven gas


​Heat Treating / Annealing Furnace

​Hydrogen / N2 blanketing for colored oxide prevention


​0-10 ppm or less

​H2 / N2

​Series 3000T / 3110 for spot checking

​Percent H2

​0-5, 10, 20% H2


Series 2000

​​Hot Strip Mill

​High temp furnace (1400°C)
O2 detection to prevent brittlement of steel slabs

​Percent O2

​0-5, 0-10%

​N2, H2Ov, CO2

extractive high temp probe and sample chamber with eductor

​Dust collection system / baghouses - air leak detection

​Percent O2 and/or CO

0-2,000 ppm CO

​Air + dust from BOF, coke oven

​​7500Z NDIR​

​Continuous Caster

​On the caster or tundish

Prevent slag oxidation of steel


​0-10, 0-100 ppm

​N2 / Ar​ blanketing

​3000TA / 3110

​Direct reduced iron

​Multiple locations in plant

​O2 / H2 / CO / CO2

​PPM and Percent Levels

​Process / Flue gas

3000 / 2000 / 7500Z​