Technical Papers

908devices Fast GC Meets Fast Miniature MS​

A More Complete Solution for Processing Control 

A Transportable micro and Fast GC for Chemical Markers in Adulterated Fuels 

Abstract of Fast Micro GC Session ​

​Advanced Data Processing Requirements for Fast Chromatography 

Analysis of Chemical Markers in Adulterated Fuels using a Transportable Ultrafast Micro Gas Chromatograph

Analytical Methods in Petroleum Upstream Applications 

Application of Smart Micro GCs with NeSSI 

Applications of Fast Transportable Chromatography 

​Boiling Range Distributions: In the Lab In the Process 

Boldly and Broadly Into the Mainstream! Laboratory, Process, Offshore and Even Transportable Gas 

Broad Range Application Fast & Micro GCs 

Chemometrics in Gas Chromatography

Contrasting Spectroscopy and Chromatography for Motor Fuel Assessments 

CPPC Extended Analytics 

D7798 Round Robin Results and Implications ​

Data Equivalency Leads to Fluid Free Online Analyzer Calibrations 

​Data Processing in a Fast GC World 

Expanding Use of Fast GC in Petroleum and Petrochemical Apps 

Extended Natural Gas Application 

​Extending The Reach of Chromatography Data 

Fast & Micro Gas Chromatography in the Upstream World

Fast & Micro GCs Recent Advances Winery to Refinery 

Fast Gas Chromatography High Pressure Mass Spectrometry (GC-HPMS) Technique, Software and Applications 

Fast Gas Chromatography in the Refinery Quality Control Laboratory ​

​Fast Gas Chromatography using Heated Headspace Gas Auto Sampling Techniques: Ethylene Oxide and 1,4-Dioxane in Fatty Acids 

​Fast Gas Chromatography Using Heated Headspace Gas Auto Sampling Techniques: Polyethylene Pellets, Product Purity Analysis 

​Fast GC for True Control of a Process 

Fast HPLC Enables Online Process Analyzer Technology 

Fast Process Gas Chromatography Implementations in Refining and Petrochemical Plants 

​Fast, Automated Food Grade Fatty Acid Endpoint Analysis 

​Fuel Characterizations C5 to C44: Employing New ASTM D7798 Method 

​Historical Review Fast & Micro GCs 

​Identifying Authentic and Fraudulent Diesel Fuel by Fast GC Using Chemometrics 

​Improvements in Batch Process Throughput 

​Increasing Throughput and Ease of Use with Micro and Fast Gas Chromatography

​Instrument Maintenance Fast GCs 

​Making SimDist Faster and More Robust: Minimizing the impact of retention time drift 

​Micro and Fast Gas Chromatography: The Empowering Force for Unconventional Analytical Chemistry 

​Micro GC Fusion® Advancing Gas Analysis 

​Micro GCs: Current Capabilities and Future Trends 

New Ultrafast Micro ASTM 2887 Method GCC 2012 

Not Just for Simulated Distillation

Online Gasoline Blending with Fast GS - Experience of One Refinery ​

​Online Process Control - Modular Fluid Delivery and Fast Process GC

On-Line Process Control Using Modular Fluidic Delivery & Fast Micro Process GC 

​Optimizing the Interface between Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry 

Recent Advancements Fast & Micro GCs (SGS) 

​Recent Advancements in Ultrafast Gas Chromatography from the Winery to the Refinery to the Wellhead 

Recent Advances for Chromatography Data Systems in Fast GC: Control, Data Fusion, Automation 

Recent Advances in Chromatography Data Systems 

​Recent Advances: An Overview of Fast GC, Sensitive GC and Even Simply Faster GC than the Traditional

​Refinery Support from the R&D Lab Perspective using Fast & Micro Gas Chromatography 

​Resolving the Conflict Between Lab and Process Data

Rethinking of the Anatomy of the GC 

​Roadside Ultrafast GC Analysis of Chemical Markers for Fuel Fraud Enforcement Campaign in the UK and Ireland 

​Simplifying Data Systems 

​Solutions through Chromatography Automation 

​Technological & Economic Impact of Fast & Micro Gas Chromatography 

​The Case for Micro and Fast Gas Chromatography 

​The Power of Heat and Multidimensional Separations in micro & Fast Gas Chromatography

​The Revolution in Gas Chromatography 

​Transportab​​le Fast Gas Chromatography for Pipeline Product Interface Detection and Flare Controls 

​Transportable Fast Micro GCs

​True Plug-and-Play Chromatography

​Ultrafast Gas Chromatography in Transportable and OnSite Applications​​​

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