Model 3000PB​​​

Process Percent Oxygen Analyzer​​​​


The Model 3000PB is a versatile, microprocessor-based instrument for detecting percent oxygen in a variety of gases. It serves as a general purpose unit and has simple menu choices, membrane command switches and a large LED display to make setup and operation simple and fast.

Ambient Air Calibration

The high accuracy and fast response is only surpassed by its ability to calibrate without the assistance of support gases. The Micro-fuel Cell produces an output that is linear from 0% to 100% O2 enabling the use of ambient air for calibration. These units can also accommodate the use of span or zero gas when necessary. This unit also offers stainless steel sample tubing and a nylon cell holder

Convenient Outputs

Standard 0-1 VDC outputs are provided for oxygen measurements and range identification. An RS-232C serial port interface allows the user to introduce span and zero gases through a host computer.

Three Analysis Ranges

Three user-configurable ranges are standard, with excellent linearity precluding recalibration when changing ranges. Two fully programmable concentration alarms and relay functions provide the versatility to satisfy nearly any requirement. All features offer a sophistication that assure these instruments will provide years of service.

Additional Advantages

  • Linearity  of analysis  across  three  user-selectable  ranges

  • Remote access to all functions from computer

  • Extended-life, maintenance free sensor

  • Ambient air calibration​


  • ​C    Electrically operated cal/zero valves

  • V    Vacuum service

  • S    Stainless steel cell holder

  • M   Isolated 4-20 mADC signal output and range ID​


  • NEMA 4 enclosure

  • RFI hardened

  • Security code protection

  • Versatile analysis over a wide range of applications

  • Microprocessor-based electronics

  • Programmable auto ranging

  • Two fully-adjustable concentration alarms and a system failure alarm

  • Air calibration range for convenient spanning at 20.9%

  • Self diagnostics


​Area Classification

​General Purpose bulkhead mount


​Class B-1, optional A3, A5, B3, C3


​Three user-definable ranges from 0-1% to 0-100%
Air calibration range of 0-25%

​Sample System

​Visible flow indicator, positive pressure service, vacuum service (optional), auto-cal/zero (optional internal electrically operated solenoid valves)


​One system failure alarm contact to detect power, calibration, zero and sensor failure
Two adjustable concentration threshold alarms with fully programmable set points


​Comprehensive self testing function


​± 2% of FS at constant temperature
± 5% of FS over operating temperature ranges
(once temperature equilibrium has been reached(


​0.5% of FS


​One LCD screen for setup and one five-digit LED for O2 value

​Digital Interface



​85-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


​32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)

​Analog Outputs

​0-1 VDC percent of range and range ID (optional) 4-20 mADC isolated percent of range and isolated range ID

​Response Time

​(B-1) 90% of FS in 10 seconds


​11.81"W x 20.28"H x 8.9"D
(30.0 x 51.51 x 22.61 cm)


​Sheet steel, NEMA 4/7


  • Monitoring inert gas blanketing

  • Air separation and liquefaction

  • Chemical reaction monitoring

  • Semiconductor manufacturing

  • Petrochemical process control

  • Quality assurance

  • Gas analysis certification