Model 4040
Methane/Non-Methane Analyzer 



The Model 4040 is a microprocessor-based, oven heated methane/non-methane gas analyzer designed to measure varieties of hydrocarbon concentrations from a sampling point.

4000 Series Overview:

All 4000 series units employ the same basic architecture and electronics; however, each analyzer has additional features:

​4020 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

​Uses FID to measure total hydrocarbons in ppm in a sample gas stream

​4030 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

​Basic 40​​20 with sample system at a higher temperature for heated applications

Avoids condensation of the sample

​4040 Methane / Non-Methane

​Basic 4020, plus temperature-controlled sampling system with GC column to give accurate readings of both methane and non-methane hydrocarbons in a gas stream

4060 Benzene Analyzer

​Same as 4040, but used to measure ppb levels of benzene instead of methane/non-methane

4080 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

​Basic 4020 with sample system including stripper to measure total hydrocarbons in an aqueous sample​


  • ​Easy to use software, user programmable ranges

  • GC technology used for complete separation of Methane, Ethylene Oxide, Benzene, Styrene, BTX and many other compounds (application dependent)

  • Automatic fuel shut off system

  • Electronic flame-out guard circuit

  • Adjustable alarm and oven settings

  • Fast response

  • Sample filter with exchangeable stainless steel element

  • Built-in sample pump (optional)

  • Stainless steel sample system with flexible design to handle either a 100% H2, H2/N2 or H2/He support gas fuel mixture

  • Automatic ignition

  • X-purged configuration for hazardous area installations available

  • Standard auto-calibration programming, ideal for unmanned plant conditions

  • enhanced temperature control of sample compartment for stable, reproducible results

  • Easily accessible pressure and flow control devices

  • Slide out chassis design for easy access to internal components

  • CE marked

  • Optional methanizer for CO and CO2 measurements



0-10, 0-100, 0-1000 ppm, other ranges available


1% of FS


​0.1 ppm


​± 2% of FS at constant temperature

Response Time

​90% in less than 15 seconds, data updated every 10 minutes or less


​40° to 110° (4.44° to 43.33°C)


UHP Hydrogen @ 30 PSI incoming pressure (standard) 


​115 or 220 VAC, 50/60Hz, 600VA


​Less than 0.5% of FS


​2% FS per week


​1% FS through all ranges


​​1% FS through all ranges

​Sample Chamber

122° to 176°F (50° to 80°C) per application (high temps available)

​Flow Rate

​1 Liter/minute (standard)


​0-1 VDC & 4-20 mADC, isolated current output

​Warm-Up Time

​Usable in approximately 4 hours
Stable in approximately 8 hours

​Carrier Gas

UHP Nitrogen @ 50 PSI incoming pressure


​19" rack mounted steel enclosure
19"W x 8.75"H x 15.5"D
(48.3 x 22.2 x 39.4 cm)


Process Monitoring

Monitoring and alarm or control of process gas streams utilizing organic solvents, crude oil and other chemicals containing hydrocarbons

Efficiency Monitoring

Monitoring effluent of volatile organic compounds (VOC) reduction equipment for environmental compliance, efficiency control of incinerators (thermal or catalytic) scrubbers, carbon absorbers and other abatement equipment, monitoring of catalytic converters, combustion and diesel engine efficiency

Ambient Monitoring

Monitoring​​ and/or control of ovens/dryers, fugitive emissions monitoring, personnel work area monitoring, leak detection of process equipment or solvent storage areas.



​File Size​

Model 4040 Brochure​​


Model 4040 Manual


​Model 4040 Declaration of Conformity​