Model 5000

Near Infrared (NIR)​ Photometers​​



The 5000 Series NIR Photometers utilize a chopper stabilized, single beam, single sample cell, dual wavelength optical design. This allows for the continuous monitoring of water and organic compounds (in the liquid or gas phase) that have distinct absorbance peaks within the NIR region of the electromagnetic spectrum.


In addition to providing inherent stability, this design assures automatic compensation for background components whose absorbance can often overlap that of the component of interest. These analyzers stand apart from other commercially available NIR analyzers by their unique folded optical layout and sample cell/ temperature compensated measurement. The 5020’s pre-heater design ensures stable performance over a wide sample temperature range or when the process sample must maintain a high temperature physical state.

Isolated Sample Cell

Prevents corrosive and flammable gas or liquid streams from coming in contact with electronics and permits the   temperature control and/or compensation of the sample through the cell to be optimized for varying sample conditions. Easy access and removal for maintenance with no critical re-alignment.

Solid State Detectors

Detectors operate at ambient, non-cooled temperatures and require no mechanical adjustment to assure excellent linearity and long life.

Microprocessor Based System

Multiple microprocessors perform advanced signal processing, easy operator interfacing, self-diagnostics, internal calibration, analyzer control and data handling.

Digital Signal Processing

High signal to noise enhancements lead to stable measurements​


  • Three user selectable ranges

  • Signal and Range ID output: 0-1 VDC and 4-20 mADC (isolated)

  • Programmable auto ranging

  • Range ID contacts, 3A @ 250 VAC resistive

  • Two adjustable concentration alarm set points with programmable relay function Form C contacts, 3A @ 250 VAC resistive

  • Programmable auto calibration with mode ID Form A normally open contacts

  • Remotely operated calibration (customer supplied valves) and 24 VDC signal, application dependent

  • Self diagnostics with Form C failure contacts

  • Full duplex RS-232 communication link

  • Alphanumeric VF display for set up and diagnostics

  • Power 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz


​Performance Specifications
Zero Drift
Response Tim
​± 1% full scale or better
Less than ± 1%
Less than 1% per day
​Operating Specifications
​Ambient Temperature
Internal Calibration
Light Source

Filter Wavelengths

Sample Cell

Sample Flow Rate

Power Rating


Analog Output Signal
​32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)
Optical span flag / zero and span calibration
NIR / VIS: quartz
UV: Deuterium, Hg, Xenon
IR: quartz
IR / NIR / VIS: 0.34 - 5.0 microns
UV: 0.2 - 0.5 um
316SS / sapphire pressures to 500 PSIG
(5020: temp control to 266°F [130°C])
20 - 1000 cc/min
(5020: 20 - 100 cc/min)
115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Approximately 200 watts
Digital, 2 line alphanumeric device
Vacuum fluorescent display (VFD)
0-1 VDC (standard) 4-20 mA isolated
​Area Classification
Hazardous/Explosion Proof
Purge Options
​Model 5000 / 5000BF
Model 5020
X / Z for Class I or II as per NFPA standards, CENELEC IIB plus H2 (pending) for Zone I applications
​​Enclosure Purging*

​Purge Air Startup
Purge Optical Path
​44 - 88 PSIG (3 - 6 BARG), 0.5 CFM (15 L/min)
15 - 30 PSIG (1 - 2 BARG), 10 cc/min, purity of nitrogen, -110°F (-80°C) dewpoint​
*If ordered with purge option