Model 6400TSG

Sulfur Analysis System​​​​


​The 6400TSG series utilizes our field-proven ultraviolet (UV) fluorescence technology to continuously monitor the total sulfur content found in process gas and liquid feeds. UV-Fluorescence is a non-consuming method of detection, eliminating the hassles associated with replacing tape cartridges, and enables detection as low as 10 ppb, depending on application, with stable, reproducible results.

Converter Technology

Model 6000/6400-TSG utilizes a flame combustion converter module (FCCM) which provides a complete combustion conversion of the sulfur compounds present under the intensity of a hydrogen flame. The FCCM approach is best suited for gas phase application where the analyzed sample is either steady-state or having a wide variation in the hydrogen or hydrocarbon content. Furthermore, the FCCM approach also provides a truly continuous analysis providing a real-time indication of the total sulfur content present in the sample gas. The FCCM is capable of oxidizing raw or unrefined fuels without coking and no carrier gas or switching valves are necessary.

Sulfide Speciation

For various application, you may want to speciate and report just the amount of H2S present in your sample in addition to reporting the total sulfur content present. TAI has developed a sampling methodology which allows for this type of analysis. By placing a GC column upstream of the converter module, and using a switching valve to allow for the introduction of a carrier gas, TAI can selectively provide a readout for desired sulfide compounds. TAI’s sulfide chromatograph capabilities offer the ability to speciate​ the quantity of the amount of hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and thiophene present in your gas sample.

User Interface & Diagnostic Links

The 6400 series is a single or multi-stream analysis system solution which provides the end-user with a wide variety of links to ensure effective system operation. In addition to conventional 4-20 mA outputs for tracking the total sulfur concentration, the 6400 can also provide a number of discrete I/O’s as well as a bi-directional RS-232C serial link and Ethernet communication capability. This enhanced system communication capability allows the end-user to maintain up-to-the-minute status of how the system is functioning and allow for a remote calibration or range change, should process changes so dictate.


  • Continuous analysis of total sulfur content, under gas-phase conditions, using the FCCM technology providing immediate, real-time TS readings for enhanced process control

  • Superior flow and temperature control of liquid-phase samples via the QTCM Pyrolysis Technology ensuring high reliability and repeatability

  • Excellent linearity for both gas and liquid phase conditions

  • Wide range of analyzer diagnostic capabilities to continuously provide plant operators with system status conditions

  • Sulfinert treated wetted parts to ensure trace levels of sulfur compounds are not absorbed into the pores of the tubing. Ensures accurate and quick response to process changes

  • Wide dynamic detection capabilities from ppb up to % levels

  • Easy-access, dual-door (front & rear) NEMA-4/4X system enclosure

  • Multi-stream, sequencing capabilities with a single system providing reduced capital and installation costs

  • Purged cabinet solutions for hazardous area installations with ambient temperature control devices designed-in for reliable field operation

  • Ethernet connection allowing for remote control without having to defeat system purge

  • Front panel, weather-proof N4 control switches allowing for local control without having to defeat system purge


​Detection Method
​Converter Method
​Flame Combustion Converter Module (FCCM)
​Designed to meet requirements of ASTM D6667
​Area Classification
​Class 1, Div 1/Zone 1 and Div 2/Zone 2 versions with third-party approved purge available as standard
​0-200 ppb to percent levels total sulfur (TM) - specify at time of order
± 2% of full scale, optionally ± 1%
​Response Time
​90% of full scale in less than 100 seconds
​41° to 104°F (5° to 40°C)
​Less than 1% of full scale
​2% of full scale per week, optionally 1%
​Supply Voltage
​110 or 220 VAC 50/60 Hz
​4-20 mADC (isolated)
Ethernet (optional)
​Flow Rate
​10 SCFH (5 LPM) standard
​Utility Gases
​Air:                 < 1 ppm sulfur (500 ccm nom, 40 PSIG)
Hydrogen:    < 1 ppm sulfur (30 ccm, 40 PSIG)
Nitrogen or air for purge (option​al)
Zero and span calibration gases
​25"W x 72"H x 30"D
(63.5 x 182.9 x 76.2 cm) 



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