Model 9130T

Chemiluminescent Ammonia (NH3) Gas Analyzer​



​The Model 9130T NH3 analyzer measures ambient ammonia in selectable ranges from 0-50 ppb to 0-20,000 ppb using the chemiluminescence principle and an external ammonia converter and sampling system. Ranges are user selectable in 1 ppb increments and auto ranging is available.

Ammonia is difficult to measure accurately because of a tendency to be absorbed into other materials. The “stickiness” of the gas results in slow response times and inaccurate concentration values. The Model 9130T has been designed to overcome the problems of ammonia gas analysis through increased flow, minimum surface area and selected construction materials.​

In operation, sample gas is passed through the converter which converts NH3 and other compounds to NO, producing the total oxides of nitrogen (TNX). In the next cycle the sample is routed through a molybdenum converter which converts nitrogen oxides (less NH3) to NO, producing the TN reading. The difference between these readings (TNX - TN - NH3) provides a reading proportional to the NH3 concentration. The analyzer software represents these values in the readout and independent outputs are available for each of these values. The Model 9130T combines the performance advantages of Teledyne’s Model 9110T NO / NOX analyzer with a converter sampling system designed specifically for this application to produce the most accurate and dependable NH3 measurement system available today.​

How to Order

The Model 9130T Chemiluminescent Ambient Level NH3 Analyzer includes:

  • Separate analyzer and converter modules

  • External pump

  • Digital status

  • Auto ranging

  • Ozone scrubber

  • Permapure dryer

  • Bi-directional RS-232

Specify Voltage / Frequency

  • 100V / 50 Hz

  • 100V / 60 Hz

  • 115V / 60 Hz

  • 220V / 50 Hz

  • 220V / 60 Hz

  • 230V / 50 Hz (CE)

  • 240V / 50 Hz

Specify Output Voltage

  • 10V

  • 5V

  • 1V

  • 100mV

  • 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA non-isolated


  • ​RS-23 Cable

  • Expendables Kit

  • Spare Parts Kit

Calibration Options

  • Stainless steel valves for selection o fcustomer supplied zero & span gas

  • Dilution calibrator for ammonia

Additional Options​

  • ​Rack Mount (19") for analyzer and converter, with chassis slides

  • Rack Mount only for analyzer and converter

  • Isolated 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA output (specify channels)

  • Multi-drop RS-232 connection

  • External charcoal scrubber for NO2 removal (suggested when analyzer is not connected to external vent)


  • 0-50 ppb to 0-20,000 ppb ranges, user selectable

  • Multiprocessor controlled

  • Multi Tasking software allows viewing test variables while operating

  • Continuous self checking with warning alarms

  • External converter

  • Adaptive filtering optimizes reponse time

  • Designed to optimize response times

    • Minimal surface area in contact with sample

    • Low absorption wetted parts

    • Heated sample manifolds

  • Temperature & pressure compensation

  • Internal data logging with 1 minute to 24 hour averages



​0-50 to 0-20​,000 ppb, operator selectable
Dual ranges and auto-ranging supported units: ppb, ppm,μg/m3, mg/g3 operator selectable
Selectable, independent NO, NO2, NOX, NH3, TNX ranges 


​Zero:      < 0.5 ppb (RMS)
Span:     < 1% of reading (RMS) above 50 ppb

​Detectable Limit

​< 1 ppb


​Zero:      0.5 ppb / 24 hours, < 1.0 ppb / 7 days
Span:     < 1% of reading / 24 hours, <2% of reading / 7 days

​Response Time

​T90 340 seconds


​< 1% full scale


0.5% of reading above 50 ppb

​Flow Rate

​1,000 cc/min ± 10%


​59° to 104°F (15° to 40°C)


​Analyzer:      125W
Converter:    480W 


​10V, 5V, 1V, 100 mV, selectable


Included I/O:    ​1 x Ethernet (10/100 Base-T)

                           2 x RS-232 (300-115, 200 baud)

                           2 x USB devise ports

                           8 x opto-isolated digital outputs

                           6 x opto-isolated digital inputs

                           4 x digital alarm outputs (3 x 4-20 mA current outputs) 

Optional I/O:    1 x USB com port

                          1 x RS-485

                          8 x analog inputs (0-10V, 12-bit)

                          4 x digital alarm outputs

                          Multidrop RS-232


​Analyzer:         7"H x 17"W x 23.5"D
                         (17.8 x 43.2 x 59.7 cm)
Converter:      7"H x 17"W x 21.5"D
                         (17.8 x 43.2 x 54.6 cm)


​Analyzer:              43 lbs (20 kg)
Converter:            22 lbs (10 kg)
External Pump:   22 lbs (10 kg)