Model 3010PAC

Orders should include the part number, model number, and instrument serial number. Call Teledyne Analytical at 888-789-8168 or 626-934-1500 to place an order or contact your local represent​ative.

​Recommended Spares ​
​QTY ​Part No. ​Description
Back panel board
​Front panel board
​Percent preamplifier board
​Main computer board (standard)
​Main computer board (4-20 mA option)
​Interface board
​Fuse, 1A, 250V, 3AG, Slowblow (US)
​Fuse, 1A, 250V, 5x20 mm, T-Slowblow (EU)
​Micro-fuel cell, class B-1
​Backpanel connector kit
​Safety barrier, 1 channel
​Safety barrier, 2 channel
​Isolated 4-20 mA module
​​* Order C or A as appropriate
** C6689-B1 is used on the standard percent model
*** Order US or EU version as appropriate