​Just as you bring your car to the repair shop for regular service, Teledyne's instruments and systems work best when properly maintained. For that reason, Teledyne has established the Preventative Maintenance Program to help protect your investment.

Following are the frequently asked questions about our program:​

Q: Is the maintenance done in the field or can I send in my analyzer for a tune-up?

A: A customer can send instruments in for servicing to our repair department at the factory or they can request field service. The choice for field service usually depends on (1) the size of the instrument, (2) the urgency or (3) convenience.

(1) With larger systems and instruments, it is not practical to uninstall and ship the unit. That would require a reinstall and restart when returned; therefore, it is easier for Teledyne to visit.

(2) Perhaps the customer cannot afford the process down-time to send the instrument back to the factory. In this case, field service can be done in a day or a few days, depending on the instrument and its condition.

(3) It is convenient to have a member of Teledyne's professional service staff come out and service the instrument. In addition, we can review the operation of the instrument as it is installed and provide insight if we see any conditions on site that will adversely affect the operation of the instrument. It is also a great opportunity to answer questions and make recommendations.

Q: What services are done to the instrument?

A: There are two services that Teledyne offers through this program: Function Check and Instrument Calibration.

​FUNCTION CHECK: We check all the functions of the instrument (electrical and mechanical). If we uncover any failure, we will troubleshoot to find the cause and make the repair to bring the instrument up to its specifications.

INSTRUMENT CALIBRATION: This includes a gas and leak check as well as verification that the displayed gas readings match the expected output signals. The customer can use the output signal to monitor the analyzer's reading remotely.

Q: How often should such a service be performed?

A: Teledyne generally recommends ​annual or biannual maintenance, depending on the instrument and application.

Q: Is there anything else I should know?

A: In addition to the Preventative Maintenance Program, Teledyne also offers training​ on site or here at the factory.