General Instrument Support

​General Instrument Support

Preven​tative Maintenance Progra​m
​Learn more about Teledyne's preventative maintenance program to keep your instrument or system working its best.
Combustibles Sensor Simulator
​This recommendation for a combustibles sensor simulator can be used in troubleshooting problems with analyzers like the newer 1220 series and the older 102, 122, 126, 175 and 9700 series
Sample Pressure Considerations
​with Teledyne Oxygen Analyzers
Alignment Procedure - for analog meter and output signal
​Useful for various analyzer models that utilize our Universal Motherboard and an analog meter:
1) Meter reading not matching the signal output
2) Nonlinear ranges
​​Cold Start Procedures​
Dew-point conversion calc​ulator
Power Consumption Informatio​​n
​Dip Switch and Jumper Settings
​​​Obsolete Instruments List​

For model specific support, please see the FAQ's​