Reliability and Flexibility​​

The Model 5650 is designed with reliability and flexibility in mind. Incorporating decades of experience with capacitance probe engineering, the 5650 is one of the most reliable water cut monitors on the market. Built-in logic compensates for vast temperature effects in the dielectric constant of the water while remaining sensitive to the much smaller dielectric constant effects of oil. ​​

The 5650 is also built to the strictest standards with the ability to accommodate many different piping specifications. Dedication to precision allows the 5650 to become an integral part of the piping system rather than the weakest link in the chain, like many other external monitoring systems.

High Accuracy

Proper stream flow conditioning is the key to high accuracy water cut metering. The Model 5650 can be supplied with a built-in static mixer to provide a well conditioned stream for highly accurate readings for both in-line measurement and sampling, reaching unparalleled accuracy over many ranges of water content.​