Detection of oil-in-water in process boilers, cooling towers, refineries and offshore platforms in an important measurement from an economic and environmental standpoint. This new technology makes this measurement simple and reduces the cost of ownership. The in-situ measurement capabilities also means that the analyzer offers real time analysis within a second.​


The 6650SP uses a highly versatile transmitter that measures the signal from the probe and sends the signal back to the transmitter. This reading is based on the amount of optical attenuation from the fiber optic in-situ probe. The transmitter is compact and designed to connect to the probe via two fiber optic cables. A local digital display is provided and the transmitter offers a 4-20 mA output signal to other devices. In addition, the transmitter is equipped with automatic calibration checking. A reference filter is inserted into the measuring beam either locally or remotely to verify operation of the transmitter.

Fiber Optic Probe

The 6650SP uses a fiber optic based, in-situ probe that monitors actual concentrations of oil-in-water using UV fluorescence technology. An automatic reactor is also offered as an option for cleaning the probe, depending upon the application.​​