322 / 3220 FAQ​

Q: ​We have many Teledyne 322 instruments installed on site in use as room O2 monitors. Installation of these instruments varies widely. We are trying to determine if there are any best practices regarding t​he installation of these instruments, height and location in the room in particular. Can someone please provide some information on this issue? ​

A: In terms of the number of sensors, location, placement of them, in order to assure proper coverage of an area for O2 deficiency, we do not have any recommendation. 

We have traditionally left this to the jurisdiction​ of our customer's safety engineering dept, as the factors that determine these are best determined on site. 

In addition, for us there is the potential liability of providing insufficient guidance and then have an unfortunate incident occur. As such, we always recommend that a client work with an insurance outfit or an experienced consultant to obtain the best direction on this type of matter.​​

For additional questions, please contact Technical Support​​.