Model 9060Z

Zirconium Oxide Oxygen Analyzer​​​​


Optimizing combustion efficiency and minimizing exhaust emissions are important for proper operation of nearly every industrial process that burns fuel. From cleaning burning natural gas to dirty coal fired kilns, the model 9060 provides reliable and efficient O2 monitoring capabilities by combining field proven zirconium oxide sensor technology with a powerful and versatile microprocessor based controller.

Calibration/Self Diagnostics

This analyzer provides standard programmable automatic calibration and auto-purge outputs. The user can  program the cal/purge sequence to an alarm relay for external indication. It has also been designed with a probe diagnostic loop to continuously monitor for probe impedance to ensure the sensor is functioning properly. The electronics self-calibrate all inputs every minute.


The 9060 provides two isolated 4-20mADC linearized control signal outputs. One is dedicated to the O2 signal and the other is user selectable from thirteen other variables. In addition, an RS-232/ RS-485 printer/ computer interface capability is provided. One general diagnostic alarm and three field selectable alarms with switching are provided standard with this unit.


The analyzer’s functions and adjustments are easily accessed via a membrane keyboard. By using the prompting keys and following the display codes from the 2 line alphanumeric LCD screen, the user can easily interface with and set up the 9060 for field operation

Control Unit

The 9060 provides in-situ analysis capability which can accept signals from up to two zirconia probes for averaging or back up purposes in furnaces, kilns and boilers with the sample temperature ranging form ambient up to 1400°C. This unit is provided within a compact, steel, IP-54 (IP-65 without internal air reference pump), easily installed, gasketed enclosure suitable for wall mounting. Purged or explosion proof design enclosures rated for hazardous areas can also be supplied.

Reference Pump

An integral automatic reference pump is provided as standard with this unit. This pump draws atmospheric air and delivers it to the zirconium sensor as reference air in lieu of customer supplied instrument air. If the operator desires, the pump can be bypassed and instrument air, at a flow of 50 cc/min, can be delivered to the delivered to the sensor as required sensor as required​.


  • IP-54 wall-mounting controller (IP-65 available without internal air reference pump),   die cast case

  • Microprocessor-based electronics with membrane keypad

  • Luminescent 128 x 64 graphic display with larger characters easy-to-navigate menus

  • Enhanced electronic heater control for optimal perfor​mance​

  • Integral air reference pump creates reference gas supply from ambient air

  • Capable of monitoring 1 or 2 probes (two probes optional)

  • Ranges: 0.01 ppm to 100% (units adjust automatically)

  • Analog outputs: 2 x 4-20mA or 0-20mA (configurable), isolated

  • Alarms: 4 fully-configurable relays with 20 settable functions and data-logging of up to 4,000 alarm events and times

  • Digital outputs: RS-232 or RS-485 MODBUS

  • SSR outputs to drive purge and calibration check gas valves

  • Power: 85-265 VAC, 50/60 Hz, automatic mains voltage selection​


​0.01 ppm to 100% automatically defaults to exponential format below 0.01 ppm, ppm reading up to 10,000 ppm, and percent above that
  • ​One or two zirconia oxygen probes or sensors
  • One zirconia sensor & auxiliary thermocouple type J, K, R or S
  • Burner "On" signal (dry contact)
  • Purge air flow switch
  • ​Four programmable alarm relays
  • Two isolated 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA
  • SSR outputs to purge & calibration check gas solenoid valves
  • Settable parameters​
​Normally open failsafe, 2A/240 VDC and 30 VDC
Common alarm relay with 20 user selectable instrument alarm functions
Three programmable process alarm relays
± 1% of the actual oxygen reading
​± 0.5% of the actual oxygen reading
​-13° to 131°F (-25° to 55°C)
5-95% RH (non-condensing)
​85-265 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5W
​10.24"W x 6.30"H x 3.54"D
(26 x 16 x 9 cm)

​​​9060H Heated Probe
​9060 UL/UH Unheated Probe
​32° to 1,650°F (0° to 900°C)
​UL:    1,290° to 1,830°F (700° to 1,000°C)
UH:   1,290° to 2,550°F (700° to 1,400°C)
​10", 14", 20", 30", 40", 60"
​20", 30", 40"
​Sheath OD
​1.34" (3.4 cm)
​0.75" (1.9 cm)
​110 watts max, 110 VAC, 100% duty cycle
530 watts max, 240 VAC, 25% duty cycle
​Response Time
​Typically < 4 seconds
​Typically < 1 second
​Gas Flow
4 SCFH (2 SLPM) nominal
4 SCFH (2 SLPM) nominal
​Ref. Air Connection
​1/4" Tube
​Integral air line through connector or 1/4" tube
​​Particulate Filter (optional)
Removable titanium 30 µm standard, 15 µm optional
Not Required


  • Gas, oil, pulverized coal and black liquor boilers

  • Cement, lime and ceramic kilns

  • Refinery process heaters and furnaces

  • Blast furnace ovens

  • Soaking pit and heat treating furnaces

  • Thermal cracking furnaces

  • Catalyst regeneration

  • Asphalt process

  • Utility boilers​



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