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​Technical Papers
Boiling Range Distributions: In the Lab In the Process
​D7798 Round Robin Results and Implications
Fast Gas Chromatography in the Refinery Quality Control Laboratory
​​Fast Process Gas Chromatography Implementations in Refining and Petrochemical Plants​
​Making SimDist Faster and More Robust: Minimizing the impact of retention time drift​

​Industry (Facility)





​Teledyne Model

​​​​​​Continuous Catalytic Reformer - CCR: See application note in Petrochemical​ for Aromatic Plant

​​​​​​​​​Fluid Catalytic Cracker Unit - FCCU - 1st & 2nd Stage Regenerator Cyclones​

​ ​

​Catalyst Regeneration

​Percent O2


​Flue gas

3000 Series​

​Percent CO

​0-1%, 0-10%

7500Z NDIR

​Percent O2

​0-1, 0-5, 0-25%

3110P​ plus sample system

​Flue gas / stack incinerator

​Percent O2 & SO2

​0-5% O2 & 0-1%

6000 UV (SO2)
3000P (O2)

​Desulfide separator vent gas

​Percent O2


​Process gas

3020M Paramagnetic

​​Hydrocracker Unit

​Recycled gas compressor suction

​​Percent H2




​Make-up gas

​Total gas downstream confluence point

​Crude & Vacuum Distillation Units - CDU & VDU

​Color analysis / Diesel product

​ASTM / APHA / Saybolt

​Pr​oduct dependent

​Fuel oil

​​6000 UV

​​2 Naphtha pump around to Atm crude tower

​Light naphtha

​CDU / VDU Heaters

​Stack gas / CEM Appl


​0-500 ppm

​Stack gas

9110TH & ​6000 UV

​Cooling Tower Water

​Hydrocarbon breakthrough

​PPM hydrocarbons

​0-10 ppm



PSA Unit

​H2 purification off gas


​0-10 ppm


​7​500Z NDIR Series

​Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU)

​Flue gas to SRU stack incinerator

​Percent O2 & SO2

​0-5% O2
0-1% SO2

​Flue gas

3000P (O2) / 6000 UV (SO2)

​​​Tail Gas Treating Unit (TGTU)

​SCOT quencher overhead

​Percent H2

​0-4, 0-8%

​N2 / CO2 / H2S


​Recycle gas compressor discharge


​CH4, H2S + trace HC

​Recycle gas to gas scrubber

​Percent H2S


​H2, CH4, H2O

6000 UV

​Recycle gas scrubber overhead


​0-2,000 ppm

​H2, CH4, H2O

​Isomerization Unit

​Recycle gas

​Percent H2


​C1, C2, C3+


​Process gas / "Burn off only"

​Percent O2


​N2, CO2

3000PA or 3000PB

​Wastewater Treatment Unit (WWTU)

​Setting pond / Drain channel


​0-10 ppm

​Rain run-off, etc.



0-100 ppm

​Catch basin

​Carbon Black Unit

​​Partial combustion - furnace process

​Percent O2


​C.B + H.C + CO

3000 Series​
(dirty application)

​​​​​Methanol / MTBE

CD Tech, UOP, ABB Lummas

​Purge gas to reformer

​​​Percent H​2


​CH4 / CO2 / CH3OH


​Methanol convertor effluent

​​CH4 / CO2 / CO / N2

​Circulator gas compressor

​Net gas from knockout pot


​C1, C2, C3, C4

​Reactor column - purification

​Percent CH3OH



5020 (NIR)​

​MTBE in gasoline

​Percent MTBE



7320​ (NDIR)

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